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Best Binary Options Brokers And Trading Platforms List - Binoption

Choosing the best binary options brokers can be a nightmarish task for many. A lot of factors are involved in choosing a broker. However, this daunting task can save you from countless hours of frustration and losses.

Currently, there are thousands of online brokers. Among those, traders and investors try to get authentic information about brokers before investing with them.

Here, through this article, we will guide you how to choose the perfect broker that suits all your trading needs.

We realize that not everyone who visits us is a top trader. Ensuring all the necessary features, we will provide you the best binary options brokers for beginners.

To help you to choose the broker you can invest on. Currently, we compare every broker on the basis of important factors such as minimum deposit, minimum investment, regulation, demo accounts, asset index, payouts, mobile trading, and more.

We will discuss each of these factors in detail down below. Moreover, we rate brokers on each of these features and present you an overall rating.

Our reviews are unbiased and aim at giving you a clear picture on the broker. Because, we are very particular when it comes to recommending our readers.

Our reputation and goodwill depends on these recommendations so we leave no stone unturned in giving you the most accurate, up-to-date, and useful information.

Binary Options offers a versatile list of assets to trade such as forex, crypto, indices, stocks, and more. Hence when trading with these brokers, you get access to a vast array of trading assets.

Beside this, many binary options brokers are providing CFDs and Forex trading also. In the table below, is our list of binary options broker comparison table where you will find our list of recommended brokers that have earned our seal of approval.

Furthermore, we have a top broker section, where you will find only the best binary brokers. If you have any concern about any broker from our list, please get in touch with us.

Binary Options Brokers List & Comparison

Broker Min Deposit Min Investment Info Demo Regulation
$5 $5

Assets: 100+

Payout: 100%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes MGA Free Account Read Review
$10 $1

Assets: 300+

Payout: 93%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes CySec | Regafi | CNMV | FCA | Consob Free Account Read Review
$250 $0.1

Assets: 150+

Payout: 95%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Free Account Read Review
$10 $1

Assets: 70+

Payout: 92%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes International Financial Commission Free Account Read Review
$10 $1

Assets: 100+

Payout: 95%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes VFSC | FMRRC Free Account Read Review
$10 $1

Assets: 70+

Payout: 90%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes International Financial Commission Free Account Read Review
$250 $1

Assets: 100+

Payout: 90%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Free Account Read Review
$100 N/A

Assets: 250+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes ASIC | Central Bank Of Ireland | BVI Financial Services Commission Free Account Read Review
$200 $1

Assets: 1000+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes CySEC | FCA | MiFID Free Account Read Review
$100 N/A

Assets: 100+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes FCA | CySec Free Account Read Review
$200 N/A

Assets: 250+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes CySec | FSC Free Account Read Review
$250 N/A

Assets: 130+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes CySec | IFSC Free Account Read Review
$300 $1

Assets: N/A

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes HCMC Free Account Read Review
$50 $10

Assets: 25+

Payout: 200%

Mobile trading: yes

Yes ASIC Free Account Read Review
$1 N/A

Assets: 80+

Payout: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Yes CySec | FSC Free Account Read Review

What Is A Binary Options Broker?

What Is Binary Options Broker - Binoption

A broker is a firm or an individual person that acts as an agent for traders to access and perform trading in the market. They are licensed and their source of income is the fee that they charge for executing these buy and sell orders.

Similarly, a binary options broker is someone who specializes in offering binary trading services.These brokers are online brokers and they offer trading through online binary trading platforms.

Some brokers have their own proprietary trading platform while some brokers use widely used trading platforms such as MetaTrader.

There are several advantages of using an online broker as it allows traders to place orders sitting at home. All they need is an active internet connection and a computer.

Nowadays, mobile trading has become the norm allowing traders to trade on the go. The platforms offered by these brokers are filled with features that make trading for easy and convenient.

For example, stop losses and take profits allow you to control your losses or secure your profits. On the other hand, execution speeds are instant so there are no delays in placing an order.

The look and feel of these platforms is designed in such a way so as to make look trading attractive and appealing to new traders.

How Do You Open An Online Brokerage Account?

How Do You Open Online Brokerage Account - Binoption

It is quite simple to open an account with an online broker. Most binary options broker require you to sign up to start trading on their trading platform.

 The sign up process can be done by providing an email or you can even use social media to create an account in the case of some brokers. Apart from these, other details that you have to provide are you name, contact details, and country.

Once you have created your account, you need to deposit at least a minimum amount to get access to real trading. 

Meanwhile, you can try out the demo account if they offer one. For withdrawals, you need to verify your account to successfully draw out your earnings.

For account verification, you need to provide these documents:

  • Social security number
  • Photo of your ID (driving license/passport)
  • Photo of your card (along with CCV details)

What Are The Risks Associated With Binary Options Brokers?

Risks Associated With Binary Options Brokers - Binoption

As stated above, broker acts as an agent for you to trade in the market. You deposit your money with them therefore; you are risking everything that you are investing with them.

If the broker that you deposited money with isn’t legit, you could be in trouble. One of the key indicators of a legit broker is regulation. Regulation is provided by a regulatory body.

There have been cases where even regulated brokers have committed fraudulent acts resulting in their traders losing their hard-earned money.

This is however, a very rare case with regulated brokers as they will be imposed huge fines in case of any malpractice. If you are intimidated to trade by yourself, you can even try automated robot trading.

Robot Trading works based on algorithms and allows new traders to profit from trading without having trading experience.

Next, we will discuss the factors that you should definitely consider when choosing a binary options broker.

What Are The Factors Associated With Choosing A Binary Options Broker?

Factors While Choosing Binary Broker - Binoption

A broker makes or breaks your trading. Why should you skimp when it comes to choose a broker?

We research brokers based on several criteria. If a broker meets these requirements, only then we recommend them to you in our binary options brokers list.

Let’s see what these factors are:


This will always be the first thing to look for in a binary options broker. Don’t ever trade with an unregulated broker. Because, it will be hard for you to recover your money from an unregulated broker.

Look for brokers that are regulated with top regulatory body such as CySEC, ASIC, FCA, etc. We will talk about regulation in brief later.

Minimum Deposit

This is the deposit that you have to make to start trading with a broker. It is an important factor because not all traders can afford to pay huge deposit fees.

Some brokers charge $250 or even $1000 to start trading with them. Competitive brokers charge $5 to $10 as deposit fee.

Small initial amount is convenient for small traders as have to bear less risk and can trade with more confidence.

Trading Platform

Some brokers have a proprietary binary options trading platform. While some partner with general platforms like MetaTrader.

The proprietary platforms are customized to suit the needs of the respective broker. You should choose a trading platform which feels easy to use.

Placing a trade and performing technical analysis shouldn’t feel like a hassle.

Payout Percentage

Payout percentage is big component of binary options. It decides how much you will be paid on winning a trade.

On average, the payout percentage is between 60%-80%. You should look for a broker that offers more than that.

Brokers like IQ Option, Olymp TradeBinary.ComBinary CentBinomo, Expert Option offer payouts exceeding 90%. Keep in mind that higher the payout percentage, the more profits you can earn.

Asset Index

Every trader has their own choice of assets that they want to trade. Some prefer trading particular set of assets while some look to diversify their portfolio. 

You can trade on different trading class like Forex, Cryptocurrency, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, etc.

Look for the broker that offers a wide-range of assets. Moreover, the top brokers offer more than 300 trading assets in their platform. 

Having a diversified portfolio is better for a trader as it minimizes his risk level.

Demo Account

demo account for binary options is a practice account that is offered by brokers. Traders can get a feel of how their trading platform performs without depositing money.

A demo account also allows traders to practice trading and figuring out various trading strategies before trading with a real account.

You can also eliminate emotions when you are trading with a demo account. Most brokers do offer a demo account but they are limited by some constraints such as limited time, money, trading conditions not matching that of the real one, etc.

On the other hand, some brokers offer a practice account after depositing an initial amount. Look for a broker that offers a fully functional demo account that can be used at any time.

Payment Methods

Not everyone uses the same payment methods. Some prefer credit cards, while some prefer banks or some other online payment option.

You shouldn’t compromise your options for your broker. They should offer multiple payment methods that satisfy most traders. Moreover, some brokers have now started accepting cryptocurrency as payment methods.


This is a pretty important factor to consider. Your trading experience with the broker can be amazing or disastrous just because of withdrawals.

Do not forget to read the terms and conditions of the broker carefully, specially the withdrawal section.  We provide deposit and withdrawal guides for top brokers like IQ Option so you don’t face any issues when trading with them.

Top brokers deliver your earnings within 3 days.

Extra Features

Some brokers offer extra features such as tournaments, sign-up bonuses, deposit bonus, and more. These are extra incentives that are offered by brokers to attract traders.

Education section is slowly becoming a mainstay in every broker’s website.

They focus on providing important tutorials and strategies for traders to profit from their platform. Trader’s sentiment, trading news, social trading are some innovative features that brokers offer nowadays.

Customer Service

Traders always face issues when trading. A good broker should have a 24/7 support to assist any issues of their traders.

Customer care should be cordial, swift, responsive, and effective. They act as bridge between you and the broker. Often times, we are connected with customer support that don’t have the basic idea about their own trading platform.

Instead, they must be well-informed and assist you in any query that you may have.

Why Is Regulation Important For Binary Options Trading?

Why Regulation Is Important For Binary Options - Binoption

Binary Options have been mainstream since 2008. This makes them relatively new compared to other forms of trading which have been prevalent since decades.

Regulation has not been a major concern for binary options until recently. As a result, many scam brokers have got away with fraudulent practices, earning binary options a bad rep.

This is the primary reason why binary trading gets associated with the word scam. However, times have changed and now regulatory bodies have become stricter.

Binary Options trading are gradually garnering the trust of people thanks to regulation.

Regulation ensures brokers can’t get away without facing legal consequences in case they are found guilty of scamming or cheating. All the binary options brokers that we recommend to you are regulated binary option brokers.

Regulatory bodies operate within certain countries. They have different rules and methods of operating.

For example, in the United States, the regulatory bodies responsible for financial trading are the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Let’s see what the best brokers for binary trading in USA are.

Binary Options Brokers For USA

Binary Options Brokers USA - Binoption

Binary options are a well-known way of making money in the United States. In the USA, valid licenses are provided to those binary brokers that reside and operate within the country.

The binary brokers outside the country don’t get the permit or license to offer their services to citizens of the USA traders. However, binary options trading is legal in the USA.

But, trading with an offshore unregulated broker is against the US law. The regulation for USA brokers is quite different from other countries. 

Offshore binary brokers, therefore, can offer their platforms to US traders. Among the few US brokers that provide binary options to their traders, Nadex is the best. They are regulated by the CTFC and provide an excellent trading platform.

Binary Options Brokers (UK)

Binary Options Brokers UK - Binoption

Binary Options are completely legal in the United Kingdom. The regulatory body responsible for providing regulation and recognition in the U.K is the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

They have eliminated many scam brokers by carefully monitoring their activities. Earlier, it was the Gambling Association that used to license binary options. 

After the announcement on Jan 3, 2018, the FCA has become responsible for the regulation. FCA regulation gives traders a feeling of satisfaction and safety as they are very strict with the policies and ensure scam brokers are penalized. 

A binary broker operating from the UK, must provide the details of registration on their website. Another thing to consider is that a broker that is regulated by other regulatory bodies in EU or anywhere else, is allowed to conduct business with UK traders. 

They are not required to have an office here in the UK.

Final Words

Binary Trading Platforms For Beginners - Binoption

Binary Options are an excellent trading asset for profit making in a short span of time. Your binary trading experience ultimately boils down to the broker that you choose. 

You can compare the brokers from our broker comparison table on the factors that we have stated above. Obviously, there are no perfect brokers. Some excel in one feature while others excel in another.

Simply choosing a broker isn’t enough. You must trade profitably to earn money from trading options. 

And to do that, you need to understand how binary options work and be familiarized with the concepts of binary options.

Our guides and strategy section on binary options will surely help out new traders. We would advise traders to understand the basic concepts binary options from our beginner’s guide to binary options.

Binary Options hold huge potential when it comes to profit earning. Applying the right strategies and practices will result in you earning a payout.

Learn binary options the right way. Don’t fall for those get-rich-quick schemes.

Trading is not a short race. So, treat it like a marathon. You can trade binary options in short time-frames.

With the high payouts, you’ll be tempted to open large positions.This can prove disastrous if you get your prediction wrong.

Your fundamental and technical analysis must be on point. Therefore, our recommendation would be to start slow and small.

Finally, we would like our readers to approach us with any issues that they face. We will do our best in assisting to your needs.

We consider ourselves as one of the best binary trading sites and we continually strive to improve ourselves. Contact us for any queries on brokers or about trading in general.

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